Afternoon Shift ChecklistEdit

  • Lunch and Dinner Golden Hours (see separate checklist)
  • Tidy the front desk. Straighten newspapers, throw away trash, recycling. Answer questions, phones.
  • Clean bathrooms and showers (see separate checklist)
  • Clean lobby furniture with murphys
  • Sweep the lobby
  • Pick up sports equipment left outside - check front lawn, horseshoe pits, and tennis courts
  • Pick up any trash/lost and found items left at well house, playground and Summer house
  • Clean windows (Sun=lobby inside, Mon=lobby outside, Tue=Pink Parlor inside, Wed=Pink Parlor outside, Thu=Lobby alcove and Writing room outside, Friday=Lobby alcove and Writing room inside). Don't forget the screens.
  • Organize sports closet (clean shelves/floor if dirty)
  • Bathroom shakedown (see separate checklist)