Bellhop Daily Bathroom Cleaning Checklist - UnderworldEdit

Move quickly so the bathrooms are not closed for very long. The most efficient way is to complete each task for both bathrooms before moving on to the next. This should take no longer than 20 minutes.

  • Put out "bathroom closed" sign.
  • Prop both bathroom doors open.
  • Clean inside of toilets with Bon Ami and a toilet sponge
  • Scrub toilet surfaces with Bon Ami and a toilet sponge. Spray down all surfaces with Go2 and wipe down with toilet sponge.
  • Clean the urinals their own special cleaner, Clean Green.
  • Clean spots, bugs and dust off walls and stalls with a regular sponge and Go2.
  • Scrub sinks and counters with Bon Ami, spray down with Go2 and wipe with sponge.
  • Clean mirrors with Go2 and paper towels.
  • Restock toilet paper (3 rolls per stall, basket full)
  • Restock paper towels (fill every dispenser completely, even if there are already towels inside)
  • Refill the soap dispensers with Pink.
  • Restock tissues
  • In the women’s restroom, restock sani-bags, and empty ‘sanitary’ disposal.
  • Take out trash.
  • Refill air fresheners as needed.
  • Sweep the floors completely (behind toilets and in corners too)
  • Mop floors by spraying Go2 liberally and mopping with a damp mop. Rinse the mop when finished.
  • Check the floors for any areas that need to be scrubbed with a sponge and Go2 (check corners, baseboards, and around toilets). Floors should be spotless.
  • Unprop the doors and remove sign.
  • Sweep the underworld steps and hallway. (These steps collect a LOT of dirt)

On Changeover:

  • Pull the rubber mat from in front of the sinks in the ladies' room into the shower room and scrub both sides. Clean the floor in front of the sinks really well before putting the mat back.
  • Wipe down the plungers with Go2 and a rag.
  • Wipe down the exhaust fans with Go2 and a damp rag.
  • Mop the hallway between bathrooms
  • Clean dust, spots and cobwebs from the stairs down to the bathroom
  • Organize the closet and get rid of anything random. Check the stock list to make sure there are plenty of supplies for the week.
  • Stock lots of toilet paper and paper towels under the sinks in the bathrooms.

Maybe do a few things to make the restrooms look more attractive. Rounders usually puts out flowers. If they seem to be neglected ask where you can find new ones or ask them to get you some.