Bellhop Daily Shower Cleaning Checklist - UnderworldEdit

Move quickly so the bathrooms are not closed for very long. The most efficient way is to complete each task for both shower rooms before moving on to the next task. This should take no longer than 25 minutes.

  • Put out "bathroom closed" sign.
  • Prop both bathroom doors open and both shower room doors.
  • Remove any trash and lost and found items, pull the trash cans into the main bathrooms
  • Use hose to douse the shower mats with hot water.
  • Squirt some pink soap over the mats and give them a good scrubbing with the deck brush.
  • Flip the mats over, douse squirt, scrub
  • Roll the mats up and stand them up in the shower stalls to dry.
  • Fill a bucket with hot water and squirt in a little Go2. Use the deck brush to give the floors a good scrubbing.
  • Squeegee the floors dry completely.
  • Take down the shower curtains and liners and bring to the laundry room.
  • Lay the mats back out.
  • Make a new bucket of hot water and Go2. Scrub the walls and floor of each stall with the deck brush.
  • With a sponge and Bon Ami, scrub the corners and the shower fixtures and shelves.
  • Use the hose to rinse the walls and floors in the stalls.
  • Empty the trash and replace the liner. Put the trash cans back in the shower rooms.
  • Wipe down the exhaust fans with a damp rag
  • Wipe down the benches with Go2 and a rag.
  • Hang clean shower curtains and liners
  • Use a large towel-sized rag to dry the walls in the shower stalls (moisture causes mold and mildew).
  • Unprop the doors and lock them.
  • Remove the "bathroom closed" sign
  • Bring lost and found items up to the lobby.