Duties of Every ShiftEdit

Do When Appropriate:Edit

  • Replace any dead light bulbs
  • Fix anything else that doesn’t look good
  • Answer questions
  • Answer the phone
  • Run errands
  • Open showers
  • Rent rowboats
  • Point out mail slot
  • Redirect lobster sales, room assignments, bill and picture payments to deskies
  • Maintain and organize lost and found
  • Remove chairs, flags, stray sports equipment and butt cans from the rain
  • Remind conferees about the shirts and shoes in the lobby rule
  • Direct people to the Sports Closet
  • Don’t allow young children to play with baseball/softball equipment
  • Regulate to keep from too many Pelicans socializing at the desk
  • Put up “high surf warning” signs when you are told by facilities or safety manager. (outside signs turnstile and art barn, signs are kept in phone closet and art barn)
  • Transport people with mobility issues in golf cart
  • Check out maintenance problems that are reported to the desk before putting a note in their box.
  • Get luggage to and from the Uncle Oscar and Thomas Laighton when asked
  • Check flower arrangements and get rid of dead bits
  • Dust pictures and baseboards in lobby/pink parlor/writing room/stairwell
  • Set up for Pel Show on any days you are on duty
  • Maintain Vic Mobile
  • Basically anything that comes up