Changeover Checklist: Units, Cottage E, and ParsonageEdit

Follow this checklist step by step in order. Do not cross anything off until you are sure it is being done.

  • Open all windows to air out rooms.
  • Collect and bag all towels in red bags and set out for truck crew by cottage D.
  • Collect and bag all white linen in white bags and set out for truck crew. Leave double linen. Laundry will collect separately.
  • Collect and bag all spreads in white bags and set out for truck crew. *Be sure that spreads are bagged separately from white linen.
  • Bag dresser scarves and pillow cases in colored pillow cases and put on the porch for laundry to collect.
  • Collect glasses and empty any full glasses into slop bucket.
  • In E empty pitchers into slop buckets and collect pitchers (drinking and cistern bagged separately), bring to dish room before 10:00 break.
  • In E empty monkey dishes, basins, and slop buckets and set outside rooms to be collected and washed.
  • Collect trash including used soap and metal hangers.
  • Collect blue folders, put them in a milk crate, and bring them to the front desk.
  • In E scrub all crockery (basins, slop buckets, and monkey dishes), and set to dry on a drop cloth.
  • Wash all furniture with Murphy’s Solution – make sure they clean INSIDE ALL drawers.
  • Wash all shelves windowsills with Murphy's solution.
  • Clean mirrors and windows with Go2 spray.
  • Distribute packets to appropriate rooms.
  • You or another chamber person should distribute glasses and soap. Compare the number needed with room list, not with packets.
  • Check that each room has 10 white, plastic hangers, facing in one direction.
  • Every one should start to make beds. This should be done when everything is done or in the process of being done.
  • Clean and restock bathrooms – This should be done by a chamber person. Let your helpers know where you are so that they can find you.
  • Line trash cans. Tie a knot in the bag so it fits snugly on the trash can. Tuck the little tail under.
  • In E, distribute crockery. Put hotel soap in the monkey dishes. In Units and Parsonage place a bar of soap on each sink.
  • Make sure that each room has a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the back of the doorknob.
  • Sweep each room (make sure to remind them to get under furniture and behind doors).
  • Swiffer each room *BE SURE TO SWIFFER UNDER BEDS
  • Straighten furniture so rooms are livable.
  • In E, fill and distribute pitchers.
  • Close windows, open shades and shutters, and straighten curtains.
  • Mop all rooms and close doors. This is the last thing to happen in a room.
  • Clean out hallways, porches and stairs and put away all cleaning supplies.
  • Sweep hallways and stairs. Make sure nothing is left lying around.
  • Mop hallways.
  • Scrub Cottage E stairs with a scrubby sponge and Go2 spray.
  • Sweep porches and straighten rockers and butt cans. Make sure nothing else is on porches.
  • Send your helpers to the laundry to be redistributed.
  • Go through the final check list with EACH ROOM. This is extremely important, it is the only way you will catch something you may have otherwise missed.

Report to the laundry. We will check your area and tell you if another area needs help.