Every Day Laundry ScheduleEdit


  • Load dryers with whatever was in the washers
  • Load kitchie aprons and rags that were soaking in the sink into one of the small washers (heavy, hot)
  • Load massage linens that were in the other sink into one of the small washers (heavy, hot)
  • In the remaining small washers, load bagged pelican laundry if there is any (one bag per washer so they don't get mixed up).
  • The remaining small washers and the big washers should be loaded with waitrae aprons, conference services linens, shower towels, loose pelican laundry, drop cloths, and any other miscellaneous laundry.
  • Clean out the kitchie apron sink so it isn't nasty
  • Fold laundry until 7:15 and then break for breakfast


  • Load dryers - kitchie aprons and massage linens MUST have a 15 minute cool down.
  • Pull out colorful pelican laundry to be dried on the line. Jeans and sweatshirts should always be dried in the dryer.
  • Load washers with any remaining randoms (pel laundry and pel linen).
  • Go to morning meeting at 8 on the back loading dock
  • Hang pel laundry on the line in rainbow order. If there are any badly stained whites, you can spray them with bleach and hang the on the line for the sun to do its business.
  • Start any stain treating/soaking in the morning so they have all day to soak while the sinks are free.
  • Once the massage linen is done drying, fold it immediately and bring it up to the 3rd floor bathroom cabinet.
  • Once the aprons are done drying, fold them immediately and deliver them to the kitchen/Swett ave/Snack Bar.
  • Fold and put away all other miscellaneous laundry.
  • After miscellanous laundry is done washing, you can begin in on conference linen (see weekly schedule for what to do on which day).


  • Meet on the back loading dock at 10:15
  • Continue on conference linen until lunch
  • If it is a shower day, keep an eye on the dirty laundry bag.
  • Get ready for the crew to come in and fold in the afternoon (clear off surfaces in iron room etc.)
  • Help with packets if it is a packet-making day
  • Fold laundry and organize linen shelves in your down time


  • Meet on back loading dock at 12:30
  • Continue on conference linen
  • Once you have washers and dryers loaded, sweep in the main washer room (you'll sweep it a second time in the evening).
  • Help with iron if it is an ironning day
  • Wash your stain-treated items through around 1:00
  • Towards the end of the shift, take down and fold linens and pel laundry from the line


  • Change over the washers.
  • Fold until dinner


  • Meet on the back loading dock
  • Change over the washers
  • Clean out the dryer lint traps
  • Wipe down the tops of the small washers (under the lid too) with Go2 spray solution and a rag or scrub sponge
  • Wipe down all outside surfaces of the lage washers and all three sides of the small washers with stainless steel spray and a rag. Also wipe down the stainless steel parts of the dryers.
  • Sweep all four rooms of the laundry (behind washers and bins too). Do the iron room and linen room first so you are not in the way as the crew returns to do some folding.
  • Straighten shelves in the washer room and dirty laundry room - get rid of random stuff.
  • Collect the dirty massage linen from the bin in the 3rd floor bathroom and soak it in hot soapy (use pink) water overnight
  • Fill the other half of the sink with hot soapy water (use pink) for the kitchies so they can soak their aprons and rags overnight.
  • If night crew will be helping with laundry that night, set them up with easy things to wash (like shower towels) and empty trucks in the iron room for them to fill.
  • Change the washers over one more time before leaving for the evening (unless it is banquet night - usually Friday- because the waitrae will wash the tablecloths)
  • If time permits, fold until 7:30.