Final Checklist for ChangeoverEdit

  • Number of beds made coincides with number of guests on room list. (Don’t forget that two people may be staying in a double bed, check the towels and glasses)
  • Glasses are clean and matching and are placed on the upper right hand side of the dresser scarf.
  • Clean covered pitcher of fresh drinking water in the center of the dresser scarf with the handle facing left.
  • Blue information packet on the left hand side of the dresser.
  • “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging on the back of the doorknob.
  • Complete, clean and dry set of crockery (wash basin, slop bucket, and monkey dish with one bar of soap).
  • Neatly made bed, both sides tucked in, with correctly folded wool blanket at the foot (except in Units).
  • Wastebasket lined with clean trash bag. Make sure there are no dust bunnies in trash. Also make sure there is a knot in the bag.
  • Furniture straightened, beds pushed up against wall. Mirrors and windows are smudge-free.
  • Insides of drawers were cleaned.
  • Floors have been mopped, swept, and rugs vacuumed or carpet swept.
  • Check under beds and on shelves! Helpers often skip sweeping under beds and furniture. Wipe all of the shelves with your hand to see if there is dust and they have been skipped (especially the shelves above hooks)
  • If there are still dust bunnies under the beds then you need to send someone around to swiffer. If there is still dust on the shelves then you need to send someone around to Murphys.
  • Curtains are straight, shades are up, and shutters are open.
  • Clean and fully stocked bathrooms! (3 wrapped rolls of toilet paper, a big stack of Sani-bags, paper towels, and soap in the dispenser). Check behind the toilet for debris, and double check dispensers. Hallways clear and vacuumed, porches straightened and swept.