Morning Rounds: Units-Pa-Sta:Edit

  • Answer any chamber notes that pertain to your area.
  • Collect hot water pitchers.
  • Make beds.
  • Bathrooms:
    • Clean toilets (from the inside out) with Bon Ami and wipe down outside surfaces with Go2 spray.
    • Wipe down plungers and plunger buckets with Go2 spray and a toilet sponge if necessary.
    • Wipe mirror with Go2 spray
    • Clean the sink with Bon Ami and wipe down with Go2 Spray.
    • Spray the doorknobs with Go2.
    • Restock toilet paper (3 rolls per toilet), Sani-bags, and paper towels
  • Floors should be swept including in the bathroom, under beds and furniture and behind doors. In the Units, sweep everything out onto the porches. Once this is done, close the doors behind you.
  • In front of the units, shake out mats and lay them over the railings. Thoroughly sweep the porches and straighten the chairs and butt cans. Neatly put back all of the mats.
  • Clean your area closets. Make note of any supplies that need to be replaced.
  • Organize all cleaning supplies, wipe up any spills, and remove any garbage, extra linens etc.
  • Make note of any rooms that had to be skipped and any other problems. If a room has a sock or a do not disturb sign, make a note of it to ensure that it is cleaned after lunch. Also, if a guest asks you to come back later, this should also be noted. Take note as well of any problems in the rooms. (fire hazard in room, sheets need replacing, broken shade, curtain rod etc.)
  • Bring hot water pitchers to the dining room and stack in piles no larger than 4-high. Bring trash to the kitchen loading dock. Report to the laundry room and give notes to supervisors.