Stain Treating TipsEdit

Liquid detergents work best when trying to remove protein-based stains, such as milk, eggs, blood and some grass stains. Liquid detergents dissolve easily in warm-to-cool water temperatures, and are easy to use for pre-treating stains.
Powder detergents are more effective in removing ground-in dirt and other clay soil stains. Powder detergents work best in hot water, which is more able to dissolve them.

Poo/General dirtEdit

A plain bar of soap on the wash board along with some elbow grease should get most of it off. If it is on whites soak it in OxyClean for a while before rewashing.


Blood is pretty easy to get out with washboard and a bar of soap. If that doesn’t work try hydrogen peroxide. You should be able to get a little from the front desk or the first aid station.


The rust is difficult to get out but the cream of tartar works pretty well. Moisten the spot with rust on it. Spread cream of tartar over the rust spot so thoroughly that you cannot see the spot. Fill the sink with water and let it soak for several hours.

Ink/Nail polishEdit

Rubbing alcohol or hairspray or another alcohol based substance or nail polish remover works pretty well on fresh ink stains. Drench the spot with alcohol let it sit, and then try to rub off. This will probably take several tries.


The whole point of permanent marker is that it doesn’t come off. So don’t bother trying really. With repeated washes it will fade.


The best way to get paint out is to use paint thinner. Obviously the paint crew should have some of that. Rubbing alcohol works well on some paints too.

General dinginessEdit

OxyClean works great on dinginess but you have to use it pretty liberally. Soak whatever you need whitened with some OxiClean in HOT water. Let it soak for at least an hour. Stir it periodically in a while to keep it dissolving.

Red Wine/Grape juiceEdit

Soda water, club soda or even ginger ale or sprite (if you have nothing else) will help. In addition to that using OxyClean does the same things. But trying soda water is cheaper. Just pour it on and dab pretty gently- don’t rub too much it might just spread the stain.


Grease is hard to get off. The dryers do a good job of burning it off. It is also helpful to saturate the stain with pink soap.


If there is wax on fabric put a piece of cloth on each side of the wax residue (make the waxy fabric the cream filling in the fabric oreo) and Iron the fabrics. Thus, the wax should melt and move to the surrounding fabrics.


Do not be intimidated by coffee stains. Treat them from the back of the fabric if you can give them a cold wash and go for the whitener.

Apron stainsEdit

Treating the aprons can be really rewarding. A heavy duty floor degreaser really works well. It probably wears down the aprons quicker but it makes them less of a fire hazard and gets them a whole lot cleaner than anything else we can handle.


Soak shoes in a floor cleaner before washing then wash them with the aprons or the dirtiest load. Sometimes it takes two washings to really improve them. Then, rather than drying them in the dryer it works best to hang them outside the dryer vent.


Scrub grass stains with a liquid detergent that really should be enough.