Rounds: Kiddie Barns, Art Barn & Misc. AreasEdit

If expecting rain, close all windows!





Soap: Stocked
Toilet Paper: Stocked
Paper Towels: Stocked
Tissues: Stocked
Mirror: cleaned
Sink: scrubbed
Paper Towel Holder: cleaned
Soap Container: cleaned
Trash: Empty
Floor: Swept & Mopped
Toilet: Scrubbed
Sani bags: stocked

Art BarnEdit

Floor: Swept
Chairs neatly arranged
Trash: Emptied


Floor: Swept
Furniture: neatly arranged
Counters/Tables wiped off
Trash: Emptied Pitchers picked up
Quick pickup outside play area, check for muskrat poop (and clean if there)

Dry Paper Storage/Swett AveEdit

Everything on/organized on shelves
Coffee Cart clean and well stocked

A/V ClosetEdit

Everything on/organized on shelves and hooks


Well organized, all things delivered to appropriate location

All other areas of islandEdit

Cleared of conference service items, unless requested

Day after Bonfire:Edit

Bonfire site: Remove everything from site, Indian pumps and sticks to Office. Check front desk/Lobby for extra s’mores stuff, sticks and Indian Pumps – if Night Crew is nice they will put this back in the office for you