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Welcome to the Snack Bar! The goal of the snack bar is to provide conferees, day visitors, and Pelicans with snacks. People should be served in a timely manner and with a friendly attitude. The Pelicans that work in the snack bar may be the only interaction with island staff that day visitors have therefore putting our best faces forward is essential.

The goal of the snack bar crew is to learn to work in a confined area with others while remaining productive. Maintaining food safety and putting out a high quality product is also essential. There should never be a time of panic if everyone keeps on top of the busy work making rushes manageable. Learning to work as a crew and be productive is something the supervisor and crew need to work among themselves to accomplish.

The supervisor is responsible not only for the training and supervision of your crew but for keeping up the crew morale as well. You have the opportunity to work and coordinate with many of the crews on the island, and to fine tune your own organizational skills. In the snack bar, organization is everything.


It is most important to discuss what makes working on Star different than any other job they will ever have, sometimes you will have a first year pel on your crew. Feel free to be blunt – it can occasionally suck to do a tedious repetitive job. But if they are willing to work hard when you ask them to, let them know that you will notice it and make sure that you have some fun crew time as well. Moreover, it should be rewarding to know that you have worked hard and done an excellent job at something.

It is always important to talk to your crew about the fact that pels may (will) expect free food but it is important to keep an inventory and charge pels, preferably though pel tabs, in order to keep the snack bar as a profitable business.

What the snack bar is:Edit

  • One of only a few interfaces between pelicans and conferees (considering the vast body of pels that have very little contact with conferees)
  • A hang out spot for conferee kids who will think snackies are the coolest pels ever. Snackies make conferee kids want to be pels when they grow up.
  • The snack bar is a late night spot for drunk conferees to come shmooze and hang out and chat up pelicans, sometimes harass them
  • The snack bar is a place for picky eaters who hate whatever food is at meals because they’re just dicks.
  • The snack bar is a place for people to gorge themselves on sweets because they’re “on vacation” or just can’t control themselves.
  • The snack bar provides an important piece of nostalgia for conferees who come back year after year for Swedish fish and lime rickies.
  • The snack bar is a money making operation with the goal of pulling in revenue for the corporation.

Ultimately, the snack bar is a business with the main purpose of selling a product. However, it is important to remember that it is not just a business in the same sense as those in the private sector, and fills many other roles and purposes that snackies should be aware of.

Supervisor Duties & ResponsibilitiesEdit

1) Be responsible for the supervision, work assignments, evaluations, and training of the Snack Bar staff.

2) Maintain equipment, service, and cleanliness standards for the Snack Bar and its employees.

3) Be aware of employee and conferee interests, and make recommendations to the Foodservice Manager and crew regarding changes.

4) Maintain contact and good communications with the Maintenance, Kitchen, Dish, and Front Desk supervisors.

5) Update continually the Snack Bar manual to reflect changes in Island policy and crew-related improvements, as well as suggestions for the future.

6) Ensure safe handling of food and Snack Bar equipment.

7) Establish contacts with suppliers, and ensure that purchasing and service standards are maintained.

Establish early on, for yourself and the crew, your role as supervisor. Because you are a member of the crew, you will be working shifts in the bar, but not nearly as many and far fewer nights (because of admin and other things you will do during the day). You are there to maintain this workspace and the functioning of this crew and this service to conferees, which is a big job in and of itself. It is important for your crew to know that you have many additional responsibilities outside of just working shifts in the bar.

Open UpEdit

Clean the snack bar thoroughly

  • GO2 the hell out of everything</li>
  • Scrub the walls and floors</li>
  • Sanitize all food contact surfaces with disposable sanitizing cloths or a solution of Steramine. This includes:</li>
  • Inside of Pepsi machine, nozzles, tray</li>
  • All syrup, toppings, candy containers</li>
  • Baskets that will hold stock of bagels and paper products </li>
  • Insides of fridges and freezers</li>
  • Fudge insert</li>
  • Toaster trays</li>
  • Microwaves</li>

    Set Up

  • Make sure there is a screen for the Window</li>
  • Call Pepsi to schedule a tech to come out and service the machine. This must be done before the machine can be used.The machine MUST be hooked up to water and power before this can happen. You should have had CO2 and syrups delivered first so that they can be hooked up then and the pressures and ratio of CO2 to water tested by the tech.</li>
  • Make sure all drains are functioning and not growing anything too foul. Especially the floor drains. </li>
  • Make the tab book, establish conferee and pel tab/charge policies with purchasing agent </li>
  • Post the snack bar hours, shifts, schedule, etc. </li>
  • Get money for the cash register ($200), train on cash handling with purchasing agent. </li>
  • Familiarize yourself with the workspace and dry storage. ORGANIZE. </li>

    Stock the Bar

  • Make your first J. Polep order. Our representative is Bob McKinnen, who can be reached at (603) 315-0403.</li>
  • Over order on all candy except Mounds and Three Musketeers and other junk like that that normal people don’t really like. Get three boxes of everything – this should last to mid-July. I placed a 2nd order on 7/23 and have a bunch of leftovers – so keep track of what sells and just order that. </li>
  • Don’t be afraid of Sour Patch Kids and Nerds – the kids of All Star will go on a rampage… once one kid has them, they’ll all come a-runnin’. Make sure to get plenty of these the first time around because there aren’t too many kids after Star Gathering (UCC, whatever). IA kids love Mike & Ikes—no one else does. LOAS I kids eat a lot of Kit Kats—again, not so popular with the other conferences</li>
  • The black plastic containers the candy comes in will need to be returned – be sure to speak to truck crew about getting them back to J. Polep. </li>

    Write the menu board

  • Set prices – these are usually about 50% higher than what you paid for an item, but since we only set prices in $0.25 increments, round up. Consider also the fact that we have fuel and labor costs to consider. Pel prices should be considerably lower than those for conferees but should still garner a profit. The old price lists can be found on the I drive. The Food Service Manager and Finance Manager can help set prices. </li>
  • Make the board easy to read. Old people and kids have bad eyes and are short and far away from the board.</li>
  • Make a list of ice cream flavors that you can easily edit (dry erase, etc.)</li>
  • 2011: we had an official “ice cream board” with the flavors attached by Velcro—make sure all the flavors you have/will order have Velcro on the back side for easy removal</li>
  • A “Specials” board is a good idea too</li>
  • Make labels for all syrups and penny candy jars</li>


    General Training

  • Meet and go over issues to be discussed</li>
  • Make name tags</li>
  • Discuss dress code – no armpits, no offensive slogans/pictures, no sandals, hair back and restrained</li>

    · Long pants/jeans, t-shirt, hat/bandana/hair COMPLETELY and NEATLY pulled back, non-slip, oil resistant, black shoes: a good website is I bought a pair of Crocs called the “Bistro” that are specifically made for food service and they are really comfortable albeit ugly. Get a pair.

  • · Discuss late policy</li>
  • · Emphasize the importance of fire watch</li>

    Job Training

    Conduct training- do it all together as a crew, it makes it easier and faster.

  • Equipment training (freezers, soda machine, sink, grease trap, etc. Basic functioning and cleaning)</li>
  • Cash handling – the purchasing agent should have a cash handling session with the snackies. You should also have a few very thorough training sessions on the cash register and cash out procedures. Run through some mock scenarios and do some fake cash outs that are both good and bad.</li>
  • Customer Service – Efficiency is key but it is very important to serve guests politely and cordially. </li>
  • Food – snackies should know how to properly prepare all of the food and how all of it tastes. When a customer asks whether they should get their rickie with soda water or ginger ale, the snackie should be able to tell them which tastes like what and why, whether the burritos are spicy or not, and how hot the jalapeno cream cheese is. Know if there are any common allergens (wheat, soy, nuts, dairy). Duh there is dairy in ice cream. Make all of the menu items and eat them.</li>
  • Try to have a one hour trial run of the snack bar for just Pelicans before conferees arrive- dealing with only making the product and not the money makes it less stressful to start.</li>
  • When the snack bar first opens for customers stay with the crew for at least the first two days during all shifts or until it is obvious they are comfortable with the products and register</li>

    Customer Service

    Guests should leave feeling they were served efficiently and pleasantly. This means, when there is no line, the customer is greeted within seconds of approaching the counter. Guests should always be served before pelicans, and they should leave feeling that they had a positive experience. During a rush when there is a line all the way around the alcove, move quickly but still be polite and don’t rush, people understand that they have to wait in line. Remind the crew that most conferees say that Pelicans are a huge part of what makes the island so special. Let your crew know that their ideas, input, and work in large part make the island what it is.

    Some people don’t get that it is their job to be nice to customers. Spell it out for them. IT IS YOUR JOB TO BE PLEASANT TO THESE PEOPLE. In the past it has been helpful to provide people who do not know how to cordially interact with strangers, or just feel too awkward, with a script. This one worked well for me:

    1. “Hi there” or “Hello” or “How are you today?”

    2. “What can I get for you?” or “What would you like?”

    3. “Sure, that’ll be $_.__” or “Would you like anything else?”

    4. “Have a nice day!” or “Enjoy.”

    Snackie Work ScheduleEdit


    There are four shifts and five people on the crew. The shifts allow for one person to be on day off on any given day except for changeover. If more than one person needs the same day off it is essential that a rounder be brought in to fill a shift. The order in which a person has the shifts is not important (i.e. a person can have shift 1 then shift 4 the next day). It is also a good idea to have a rounder fill in on days when there is a lot of other work for you to do. (Janis cannot emphasize this enough. Get a rounder for the morning when you have to order and do stock. Get a rounder when there is a supervisor’s meeting. Work smart, not hard.) This can be anything from supervisors meetings to scheduling, stock, meetings with management, ordering, evaluations, etc. This can be done for whole or parts of shifts. Also, at least one day a week there will be no one on day off (therefore one person for each shift) and you won’t have to be in the bar and can do those other things. On days when the Laighton comes, it's a good idea to have a 3rd staff member in the bar to help with the crowds (Jehanne emphasizes this—the busiest day is Sunday so schedule accordingly), otherwise things get insane and overwhelming – the 3rd person should come in at 11 and help close. They will keep you open until 12:10 in most cases, so just remind them that you reopen at 1:00 and that staff members need to get their lunch break. Boaters are rude, terrible people – so just know this, and try to smile and ignore their blindness and complete lack of intelligence; however, they tend to tip well so be nice.

    Snack Bar Hours Edit

      • 9:00 – 12:00

      • 1:00 – 5:30

      • 7:30 – 11:00

    Shifts for SnackiesEdit

    Shift 1Edit

      • 8:45 – 12:15

      • 7:15 – 11:15*

      • Net: 7.5 hours

    Shift 2Edit

      • 12:45 – 5:45*

      • 9:00 – 11:15

      • Net: 7.25 hours

    Shift 3Edit

      • 8:45 – 12:15*

      • 2:00 – 5:45

      • Net: 7.25 hours

    Shift 4Edit

      • 12:45 – 4:30

      • 7:15 – 11:15

      • Net: 7.75 hours

    Shift Leader SystemEdit

    The starred shifts indicate that a person is shift leader. For instance, whoever is scheduled for shift 1 is shift leader during the morning shift (8:45 – 12:15). This means that they are the primary cash handler who counts the drawer during opening, cashes out at the end of the shift, and corrects any mistakes on the z-tape. They are also ultimately responsible for making sure all cleaning tasks are finished at the end of a shift by checking the list and delegating tasks. (Janis’ input: honestly, if the supervisor is working, he/she should just do cash-out, and then delegate the other closing tasks. The whole “shift leader” thing is kind of silly and no one pays attention to it. Just make sure the cleaning checklist is visible and followed.

    End of Season Snack Bar Procedure:Edit

    Snack Bar Hours:Edit

      • 10:00 - 11:30

      • 1:30 - 4:00

      • 8:00 - 9:45

    Snack Bar Shifts:Edit

      • 9:45 - 11:45

      • 1:15 - 4:15

      • 7:45 - 10:00

      • Net: 7.25 hours

    Set Up and Close DownEdit


      • Shift Leader counts drawer – should contain $200 (morning shift: take previous night’s deposit to front desk)
      • Ice Cream Station:
        • Take out wet toppings, get fudge insert from reach in
        • Get teaspoons for dry toppings, ladles for wet toppings, fork for cherries
        • Stock ice cream cups, sundae bowls
        • Open cone boxes
        • Plug in frappe machine
        • Turn fudge warmer to high for about 15 minutes, then to warm
        • Turn on dip well faucet
      • Drink Station
        • Syrups DO NOT have to be refridgerated
        • AM Shift: Replace nozzles on soda machine
        • Put two loads of ice in the Pepsi machine
        • Get limes from reach in
        • Get clean cutting boards and knife from kitchen, and trays from Swett Ave.
        • Check stock of cups, soda spoons
        • Unlock, turn on light, and check stock of bottled drinks in front fridge
      • Coffee Station:
        • Brew coffee at the coffee urn – 2/3 of an urn for each should be enough – on Laighton days brew a full urn of regular
        • Label Regular and Decaf
        • Place grates underneath coffee pots to catch spills
        • Take out sweetener, lids, stirrers from cabinet by sideboard (2011—we kept all of this inside the snack bar)
        • Place out pitcher of cream (in small crock of ice) and pitcher of honey – put a tray underneath so it’s not a huge mess of condensation
        • “Please Pay First” sign
        • In 2011 we kept all of the coffee inside the snack bar and just put the straws/spoons/etc out on the silver counter: it worked really well and there was no need to worry about conferees stealing coffee. It was also a lot easier to make sure that the coffee never ran out.
      • Hot Food
        • Turn toaster to “standby” mode.
        • Check bagel stock, rotate from upright and pots freezer.
        • Stock cream cheese, butter
        • Check stock of hot/veggie dogs, eggs, cheese slices, bacon, hot dog rolls
      • Counter:
        • Set out jars of “penny candy”, chip racks, tea racks, Swedish fish jar
        • Restock and set out jars of utensils, straws, napkin holders, on the metal counter
        • Condiments


    Each Shift –Edit

      • Shift Leader cashes out and then checks to see that all tasks have been completed (Janis note: again, shift leader stuff is kind of obsolete – whoever wants to do cash-out should do it, or the supervisor should do it.)
      • Turn off all appliances and unplug
      • Clean out crumbs from toaster trays
      • Wipe down all counters and food contact surfaces, and sanitize
      • Take in coffee station
      • Rinse out used coffee pots with hot water and place under urn
      • Wipe down surfaces outside the bar and straighten chairs and spot sweep.
      • Cover all containers (dry toppings, wet toppings, limes, fudge insert, milk pitcher)
      • Label, date and initial when placing in the reach in!
      • Close and seal bagel bags, restock from upright freezer
      • Close cone boxes
      • Take all dishes from sink to be washed (nothing should be in the sink except the pail with rags)
      • Take out small trashes if full
      • Take cardboard to back porch
      • Pour half pitcher of boiling water down Pepsi machine drain
      • Straighten up in back, remove any unnecessary items, throw away trash
      • Turn off light in drinks cooler and lock door

    At the end of the night – Edit

      • Remove utensils from all containers
      • Take all dishes to dish room
      • Clean out sink and scrub with pink detergent
      • Rinse out coffee urns with hot water and place under brewing station
      • Remove nozzles from Pepsi machine and place in frappe cup of seltzer overnight
      • Sweep and mop floor
      • Pour pitcher of boiling water in floor drain
      • Remove ice cream scoops from dip well and place on tray, remove water from dip well and wipe out thoroughly.
      • Consolidate and take out ALL trashes (inside, outside, Swett Ave.)
      • Close the window
      • Leave deposit by the register until AM shift

    Tasks for During the ShiftEdit

    If there is any time in which there are no customers there is always work to be done. You as supervisor should keep on top of these tasks, and assign them as makes sense. You may want to have the crew take the initiative to do these chores as needed, or you may want to make a checklist for each day or shift. Post a laminated “BORED” list in the back of tasks that often need completing. These are things that can be done during down time, inside or out of the bar, and constantly need checking on. You can post two checklists, “Every Shift” for tasks that need checking on very often, and “Every Day” for those that need doing less often. One list is also sufficient and the snackies will quickly pick up on the types of things they need to be keeping on top of. Monitor the regular completion of these tasks closely. There are certain things that cannot be done when the bar is open, such as certain cleaning tasks like scrubbing or the grease trap. There are also tasks that only need to be done on an as needed basis, such as making rickie syrup. It is better to make small quantities as needed, rather than large quantities that will spoil or get lost in the reach in.

    you BORED yet?

      • Stock utensils, straws inside and outside the bar
      • Wipe down counters and coolers including syrup and topping containers, toaster
      • Make sure coffee station is not running out, wipe down, straighten up
      • Stock limes
      • Bagel basket stocked
      • Sweep inside and outside
      • Stock the drink fridge
      • Make flavored cream cheese
      • Pack cream cheese portion cups– two oz ice cream scoop in misc drawer .
      • Scrape down and consolidate ice cream cartons
      • Update white board of ice cream flavors
      • Stock chips
      • Stock paper products (cups, lids, straws, plates, bowls, napkins, utensils) for use and backup on shelf
      • Raspberry sauce full/thawed
      • Hot dogs/veggie dogs thawed
      • Stock candy jars
      • Fill syrups/Wet toppings, Jimmies/Dry toppings
      • Stock bagels (from pots freezer to upright freezer to baskets)
      • Straighten up the crystal room
      • Check stock and make a list of things we are low on!

    If all else fails – CLEAN SOMETHING, and then ask the kitchen if they need help.


    We didn’t open on changeover mornings in 2009, but it’s probably a better idea to be open from 8:45-9:45 between conferee departure boats. Folks get kind of miffed if they can’t spend the rest of their plates or if they missed breakfast and want a snack. Unfortunately, being open during this time makes it impossible to wax the floor (which Janis, surprisingly, found great satisfaction in executing… nothing like immediate gratification for menial tasks…). Perhaps speak with night crew, and they may be able to help out with the waxing – just be sure to sweep and mop and put the chairs up if you ask them to wax for you. HELP THEM HELP YOU. In 2009, we were open from 2:30-4:30 p.m. for the new conferees, and then had regularly scheduled hours for evening. You don’t need to brew coffee for the afternoon because conference services will have coffee for conferees on the front porch when they arrive.

    In 2011 we opened from 1:00pm until 4:30pm. It worked out well and it was usually very busy because of the boaters/Laighton people. The evening shift was the same. Schedule two people to work the afternoon shift and two for the evening (both come in at 7:15pm). This works out well since one person is sent to chamber for the whole day and minimizes snackies working ridiculously long changeovers and going over hours. NO ONE CAN TAKE CHANGEOVER OFF UNLESS THEY ARE CLEARED BY MANAGEMENT.
    What is important is that as much gets cleaned as possible. This is when you have large chunks of time to clean things that you cannot do during the week. Defrosting freezers can most easily happen during this time. The big silver freezer is most easily cleaned if you clear it out the night before change over and unplug it and let it defrost overnight. The ice creams can be moved into kitchen coffin freezers. Then you can just scrape what’s left of the ice on the sides and drain it into a floor drain. Make sure the desk knows the hours you will be open on changeover so that they can tell conferees when they ask why the snack bar is not open during its normally scheduled hours:

    Snack bar changeover schedule:Edit

      • 1:00 – 4:30 pm (or when the Fire and Water speech begins, whichever comes first)

      • 7:30 – 11:00 pm

    Change Over Tasks:


      • Murphy’s all chairs and place on tables

      • Brush off windows and tables

      • Wipe down woodwork with orange cleaner

      • Sweep, mop, wax (tape off area and let set during lunch)

      • After lunch, take down chairs and wipe down tables

    Small FreezersEdit

      • Unplug

      • Remove ice cream from freezer

      • Wipe down cartons with clean rag

      • Scrape down sides of freezers, pour boiling urn water on sides and bottom

      • Drain into floor drain

      • Scrub the sliding tops with pink soap and a scrub pad.

    Large Silver FreezerEdit

      • This one needs to be turned off and defrosted the night before if it is to be properly cleaned. If you are low on stock and can move all of the cartons of ice cream to the small freezers and the pots freezer, do that at the end of the previous night’s shift. Cover with tinfoil, not plastic wrap (it will freeze and crackle into the ice cream). Then you can unplug it and take the tops off over night. Then you can do the same thing for this one as the small ones.

      • If you can’t really do this, just scrape down the sides and try to get out the ice cream balls that fall to the bottom. It should be properly defrosted at least once a month.

      • Make sure to scrub the seals around the doors with bleach, they get really moldy. Do this when the fridge is empty and do not load it back up until they are dry so that bleach does not drip into the ice cream.

    Containers, Floors, SurfacesEdit

    Empty all containers and take to dish room. This includes:

      • Syrups

      • Wet & dry toppings, and sprinkles

      • Frappe cups

      • Trays

      • Candy Jars

      • Pretty much anything that can go through the dish machine should.

    Scrub the floors.

      • Move everything off the floor that can be moved out of the bar or up onto the counter.

      • Scrub the corners and floor drains with comet and a big scrub brush

      • Mop the floor with floor cleaner from the back porch and squeegee into the floor drain

      • Pour boiling urn water into all floor drains and soda machine drain


      • Scrub all surfaces with Bon Ami and then sanitize

    Make sure the new fancy fridge is stocked/cleaned/organized

    Make a sheet to keep on the front detailing where everything should be and make sure that the fridge stays organized throughout the week

    Ordering and StockEdit

    PFG NorthcenterEdit

    Food Service Manager (FSM) makes this order. Give your shopping list to him/her on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday deliveries. A list of the items purchased by the FSM is attached. Ice cream also comes from Northcenter.

    Ice Cream:

    Ice cream is Shain’s of Maine but is delivered through PFG.

    Other random things: Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, and Maine Tracks are the most popular flavors. If you run out of these, people will freak. Next is mint chip, cookie dough, vanilla. Frozen yogurt is not very popular, Peach, coffee heath bar, and chocolate peanut butter are the only flavors that sold in 2008. Occasionally people will ask for No Fat/No Sugar ice cream, but generally it barely moves, and takes up space you could be using for other flavors. The consistency is disgusting and it is difficult to keep at a temperature at which it is servable. It was taken off the menu mid season in 2008. Quinn would not recommend bringing it back (and Janis never ordered in the first place). Sell another flavor of ice cream and make some money. Don’t ever get rid of dino crunch. Kids love it. It helps to check the weather when ordering ice cream. If it is going to be a hot week, or if it is a large family conference, stock up. BUY SO MUCH ICE CREAM BEFORE ALL STAR.


    Phone: 1-800-963-2424

    Customer #: 15148

    Order Friday for Monday delivery of soda premix and CO2 tanks. They will pick up empty CO2 tanks and credit the account $25 for each one. These should be brought into town the previous day and stored in the star shed by a truckie/deckhand. You must let the sales person know when placing your order how many empties you will be returning so that they can notify the delivery person and credit the account accordingly. Watch out for pepsi invoices, they are tiny slips of paper and always disappear. And then they don’t get paid and get whiny and put you on COD, and you can’t get anything without paying up front, which sucks. Minimium order is 3 items (soda syrup boxes or flats of bottled beverages). Ginger ale goes the quickest – seriously, order double what you need – it comes in 3-gallon boxes rather than the 5-gallon boxes everything else comes in.

    Great State BeveragesEdit

    Phone: 603-627-7677 à our rep is Rob Tucke @ (603) 627-7677 x175 Order Monday for Wednesday delivery, Weds for Friday delivery. Nantucket Nectars, juices, etc.

    Swedish fish.Edit

    Yummies: 877-498-6643

    Address: 384 State Road(US Rt !),Kittery, Maine 03904

    Conferees only like these in bulk out of that big jar so you have to get them from Yummies, a giant candy store in Kittery. Give your order to the Purchasing Agent who will get this through the messenger. You can order these about 100lbs at a time because they go so fast during family conferences. They don’t sell at all after LOAS 2. Give him/her the order at least 4 days in advance.

    J.Polep (candy)Edit

    Our rep is Bob McKinnen @ (603) 315-0403. It takes a few days for delivery and boxes are subject to water damage… everything got soaked on the PJ and we lost the candy that wasn’t in plastic packaging… so be aware of this.

    Example Ordering Schedule








    Order PFG

    Receive PFG

    Order PFG

    Receive PFG

    Order PFG

    Receive PFG

    Receive Ice Cream

    Receive Ice Cream

    Receive Ice Cream

    Receive Pepsi

    Order Pepsi by 2pm

    Food StockEdit

    Early in the season begin to build up stock by ordering enough ice cream to fill the coolers and have enough candy to stock the shelves. Items such as ice cream, bagels, and pizza sell the fastest and should be monitored closely. Most items do not stay in the snack bar long enough to worry about them going bad. The only item to keep an eye on is yogurt.

    You can specifically order bagels bagged in quantities of 6, which is recommended. Sometimes bagels come in large bulk boxes. When they arrive bag them in food bags, 6 per bag. This makes them easier to store in the freezer and allows you to thaw them as needed as opposed to all at once.

    Try to keep track of what is in the back freezer for stock such as bagels, and hot dogs. Keeping track of what is available reduces excess buying.

    Keep in mind that being well stocked makes life easier. Keeping on top of inventory is very important. Try not to forget about syrups, cones, sprinkles etc.

    Dry Storage StockEdit

    It is the responsibility of the snack bar supervisor to keep dry storage clean and to keep the area as neat as possible, as much of the ordering of dry products is the responsibility of the snack bar supervisor. Ordering can be done quickly and effortlessly if dry storage is kept clean and organized. The FSM is responsible for ordering all paper goods other than things like plates and cups, used only in the snack bar. Keeping dry storage clean will also prevent ordering problems with paper products. Taking initiative to keep dry storage clean will make ordering faster and easier.


    At the beginning of the season contact the Island Business Agent to get the drawer's worth of money-usually $200.

    Have the business agent conduct a thorough training with your staff. This should include an overview of cash out procedure to help them understand their part in the greater process of revenue drawing on the island.

    Beginning of the Shift Edit

    Shift leader counts the drawer. It should equal $200. The tape from the adding machine is ripped off, initialed and dated, and placed in the drawer.

    ===End of the S hift===

    The person on register puts the register in "Z-Mode" and hits the "Total" button (large green button). This will put the register into the mode to calculate how much money was made during the shift. When the register gives the amount, the register person counts that amount of money from the drawer and sets it aside. Starting with the smallest form on money (penny or nickel) the register person counts how much of each money is in the drawer. For example, if there were 4 nickels the register person would say that there was .20 cents in nickels. As the resister person is going through all the money they are adding it on the adding machine. The amount in the drawer should equal $200. If it does not, money must be taken from the deposit to make the drawer equal to $200. The amount that the deposit is off from what is stated on the Z-Tape will be claimed on the pink deposit slips provided by the island financial person. If the drawer is over $200 the money can also be claimed on the pink deposit slip. When the slip has been properly filled out the entire register tape from the shift can be folded and stapled to the back of the pink slip. The register person must circle the Z amount on the tape, initial the tape, date the tape, and write "morning" "afternoon" or "night" shift on it. The tape is then stapled signed side facing out to the back of the pink slip. Place pink slip, register tape, and deposit money into a deposit envelope provided by the front desk and take to the desk to be deposited. Wait at the desk for the deskie to count the money and verify it is the same amount as claimed on the pink slip. If it matches the deskie will return the empty envelope to the snackie and the snackie can return it to the snack bar for later use.

    The register needs to be in Z/PGM mode to print out the shift’s total. If it is left in X/F mode, then it won’t reset for the next shift and the subsequent Z/PGM will tally up both shift’s totals. Try to avoid this. J

    2011: we did cash out differently.

    For the morning and afternoon shifts, cashout on the Z/PGM.

    1. count out $200 starting with the smallest change (nickels à dimes àquartersàone dollar billsàten dollar bills, etc.)

    If, for example, you count out 11 dimes, place one aside to add to the deposit so you have an even dollar in the drawer and it’s easier to count to get to $200

    2. Once you have counted out $200 with the smaller bills, deposit EVERYTHING else to the desk. There is no need to balance out the Z-tape or figure out if you are over/under—the purchasing manager will go over the tapes and find out how off the register is and then come talk to you if the tape is majorly off.


    Pels – Pels can start a charge at the front desk. They can pay with cash or card for any amount, it’s a stamped charge sheet that is brought to us and kept in a binder. They can get the remainder back before they leave if they take it to the front desk and it’ more than a certain amount (talk to Purchasing Agent about this). They can also buy plates for themselves or other people and tape them on the door, but if they get lost, fall off, etc, it’s not your fault, and they can’t get any of the money back.

    Conferees – Conferees must set up charges at the front desk. No exceptions. They will receive a tab sheet from the front desk that they will bring to the snack bar. Keep the tab sheets ORGANIZED and ALPHABETIZED in a binder in the snack bar. Don’t do plates—they blow away and end up in the trash/in the toaster—conferees get very upset when their tabs disappear so avoid that situation and keep all tabs in the binder. Conferees tend to get sad when you tell them that we no longer do plates…tell them nicely and politely to suck it up.

    Making ChangeEdit

    You can get change from the front desk, as can conferees. The shift leader should make sure that there are adequate amounts of one dollar bills and quarters at the beginning of the shift. Keep in mind that the front desk closes at 8 pm and can no longer give you change. This is especially important at the beginning of the conference because people come on the island just having taken out large amounts of money from the ATM and only have big bills.


    Whenever an invoice accompanies an order it is essential that the supervisor checks to be sure the entire order came in as stated on the invoice, and then give it to the FSM. This is most common with Manchester orders. Being thorough is important as Manchester is notorious for charging for products that were not sent or not accounting for products that were ordered. As a result of this it is in the best interest of the supervisor to keep a record of what was ordered to verify it matches what arrived. Also, check with the deck hands to make sure that invoices come in and get delivered to the FSM or purchasing agent. This is essential to make sure that our bills get paid and we continue to be able to order products from our distributors. If a delivery is being made to the shed, notify truck crew to watch for an invoice. This is especially important with Pepsi orders.

    Safety Edit

    All injuries should be reported immediately to the first aid station crew supervisor, so that worker’s comp can be obtained. Servers must be conscious of their own safety and that of their customers at all times.

    Dishes of DeathEdit

    The liquid in the handles of the ice cream scoops is antifreeze. If these explode in the dish machine, bad things will happen. Very dangerous, so these should be washed by hand by the snackies in the Snack bar sink.

    Broken dishes/glassesEdit

    To avoid injury, broken crockery and glass need to be cleaned from surfaces thoroughly and immediately. When dishes break, one person should be appointed to stand with the broken pieces to alert any passersby to their existence. Another staff member should then go obtain a dustpan and broom, clean all broken pieces, and dispose of everything in the broken glass bin located to the left of the butter cutter.


    Floors are often slippery in food service areas, so it is imperative that all staff do their best to have appropriate footwear at all times. Mats should be arranged in a manner that best covers the most dangerous areas (slopes, etc.), and spills should be cleaned immediately when possible.

    Snack Bar AppliancesEdit

    Coffee PotsEdit

    Make coffee for every shift. The conferees have special coffee radar and can tell if the coffee is old. Just do it. Don’t use the waitrae’s coffee, because then there’s a whole power struggle with responsibility for cleaning and putting away the urns. This is how things get broken. Own the coffee table and then everyone wins. A great deal that has been done in the past and been well received: Conferees can buy a mug in the gift shop and then pay 5 dollars at the snack bar to have unlimited coffee all week. This is a great deal for them and it sells a lot of mugs. The coffee is so cheap and we throw away tons of it every day. Yes, we use the same gross Sysco coffee in the snack bar as in the dining room and we charge a fortune for it.

    In 2011, I don’t think that deal existed, but whatever--just roll with it if the lobby store decides to offer it again.


    The toaster is a constantly rotating machine. It is old and not well made for cleaning. The bottom catch rack can be taken out to clean. The top rack directly below the rotating chain also comes out and can be cleaned. Small crumbs often start burning on the hot burner-when this happens turn the toaster off! Some crumbs can be removed with a knife or blown off. UNPLUG before sticking any implement in the toaster!

    Standby mode: This mode keeps the belt moving and the heating coils slightly warm but will not toast a bagel. This is a good mode to keep the toaster in while the snack bar is open but the toaster is not in direct use.

    Full Heat: This mode turns the heating coils on and allows the bagel to be toasted. Leaving the machine in full heat mode will not hurt the machine, however it will throw a lot of heat off and is unnecessary. Setting 5 is good for a golden brown toast. You may need to slow down the belt a bit (turn the dial to a lower number) if the toaster has just been turned on or has been on standby for a long time.

    **Put the toaster in standby whenever possible. The toaster pulls a lot of power and this prevents the breaker form tripping, turning off your freezer, and defrosting all of your stock.


    2011: for lobster rolls we did in fact toast hot dog buns: flatten the hot dog buns as much as possible. A few times they caught on fire but if you flatten it enough you should be fine.

    Frappe MachineEdit

    The frappe machine and cups are relatively low maintenance if they are kept clean. The top of the rotating motor tends to get gross from ice cream. Wiping it with a wet rag will avoid this build up. The machine has two settings, low and high. Start out on low and try not to use high too much as it burns out the motor. Don’t let the spindle scrape the sides because that ruins the machine. Andy Burt provided us with the Hamilton Beach mixer, and this one works better (and has 3 settings!), so use it whenever possible.

    Soda MachineEdit

    The Pepsi man will come out in the beginning of the season to hook the machine up and get it started. The water, power, and motors all need to be hooked up to the machine before this can happen. This is very important to prevent him from coming out and not being able to service the machine. Keeping the drain pipe clean is important for drainage. Pouring a half pitcher of hot urn water through the drain at the drip pan after every shift. The black dispensing knobs can be twisted off and cleaned, and the part underneath pulled directly off. Remove these knobs each night, and let them soak in a frappe cup filled with soda water. Scrub them once a week as well. Be sure to always keep the machine full of ice as the CO2 needs to remain cold to produce fizzy soda. The rack to the right of the machine holds the bag-in-a-box syrup mixes. They get hooked up by a hose to the machine. It is important that be bags not get punctured. If air gets into them the syrup won’t get pulled into the machine. The pepsi man can show you how to hook them up, it’s very simple. The CO2 tanks have their own wrench thing on them. Just make sure to close off the valve before undoing the connection. The key on the left side of the machine must be turned for the machine to work. It does not come out. There are 3 plugs that need to be plugged in in order for the machine to work: The power to the buttons (left side) and the water pump and CO2 pump (right side). If something goes wrong and the machine stops working you can usually tell what’s malfunctioning by the symptom: If there are no bubbles but the gauge on the CO2 tank is not reading empty, it’s a CO2 pump problem. If the soda is not coming out but the machine it’s probably the water pump. If an engineer can’t solve the problem, call pepsi, they will send a message to the tech and he can call you and troubleshoot the problem. It makes your life a lot easier when the snackies know how to change the syrups and CO2, and troubleshoot when the machine isn’t working. If the key on the left of the machine is turned a certain way, nothing will come out of the nozzles. Before altering any maintenance staff, be sure to check the key and make sure it is in the correct position.

    Cash RegisterEdit

    The register manual is available and can be found in the file tub under the register counter. It is filled with things you will never need to do, but good to have anyway. It can tell you how to change the tape roll and the ink cartridge. Make sure you have enough tape rolls (a couple 12-packs) and ink cartridges (5 or so) for the summer. Order these through the purchasing agent. See attached guide for how to operate the cash register and cash out.

    Food Handling and Food SafetyEdit

      • Hand washing

      • Wearing gloves

      • Not working when sick

      • Sanitizer bath

      • Labeling and dating

      • Temperatures, cooling and heating

      • Cleaning products used by snack bar

      • Appropriate cleaning procedures for specific items

    Interacting With Other CrewsEdit


    Snackies must get change and turn deposits into the front desk. It is important to be sure to remind the front desk to keep as many quarters as possible available as they are most often needed. Be nice to them because they have to take your deposits and you have to see them 3 or 4 times a day. Face your bills all in the same direction and in order when making your deposit to make their lives easier and they will be happy.


    As foodservice is one big family the kitchen will ask for help from snackies when it is available. It is important to communicate with the kitchen if and when this is not possible.

    Hummus is provided by the kitchen as well. It’s easiest just to get a bunch when they make it for deli day, once a week. Or, when the hummus is running low or out it is the responsibility of a snackie to write "hummus for snackies" on the kitchen's list of things to do.


    Truckies bring our Manchester order on Thursday's and it is important to communicate with them where the items need to go (either directly to the snack bar or to dry storage). They also unload and drive the ice cream to the snack bar when it has come in on the PJ. Truckies also return empty CO2 canisters back to the mainland so it is important to tell them when there are items to be returned. Adding a descriptive message to the item to be returned is also helpful. (i.e. Please return to Star Island stock shelf to be returned to Pepsi. DO NOT BRING BACK TO STAR ISLAND).

    Lobby StoreEdit

    Some items the lobby store sells come from Manchester. The snack bar supervisor and the person at the lobby store must communicate if the lobby store needs items added onto the snack bar order.

    Snack Bar ProductsEdit


    1) Fill metal frappe cup 2/3 full with ice cream (about 5 scoops)

    2) Add about 1/2 cup milk (this can be added periodically during the mixing process, to aid mixing and so as not to thin the frappe too much).

    3) Add chocolate, coffee, vanilla, or strawberry syrup to the mix if the ice cream is chocolate, coffee, vanilla, or strawberry based

    Take the frappe cup to the blending machine and place the spindle in the cup. Pressing up on the black piece with the notch for the cup will turn on the motor. This can be done with your hand or with the edge of the cup. Do not allow the spindle to scrape the sides of the cup as this damages the machine. A blended frappe filled to just above half the cup is enough for a 16 oz frappe. Frappes come in 16 oz size only.

    Ice Cream ConeEdit

    Take the ice cream scoop and begin to form balls in the ice cream box. Ice cream comes in one, two and three scoop sizes. This is harder on a cone because you have to smush the ice cream in so that it will stay on, but you can approximate the amounts. When serving in a cup, one & two scoops should be served in plastic sundae cups, and three scoops in bowls. Sundaes are served in bowls.

    If liquid toppings (such as chocolate sauce) will be put on the ice cream putting it in a larger cup and stacking it higher will leave a well for the liquid to fall in the cup without making a mess.



    · Take a 16 oz cup and fill it 1/2 with ginger ale, seltzer water or half and half as desired. Pump 1 1/2 pumps of rickie syrup into the cup. Add half a lime. Fill to top with soda.

    · For strawberry lime do not add rickie syrup-only one squirt of strawberry syrup.

    · For raspberry lime add rickie syrup as usual and a squirt of raspberry puree or the equivalent to a spoonful.


    · Take a 21 oz cup and fill it 2/3 with ginger ale, seltzer water, or half and half as desired. Pump 2 pumps of rickie syrup into the cup. Add a whole lime cut in half.

    · For strawberry lime do not add rickie syrup-only one and a half squirts of strawberry syrup.

    · For Raspberry lime add rickie syrup as usual and a squirt and a half of raspberry puree or the equivalent to a spoonful and a half.

    Espresso ProductsEdit

    Espresso shot: really easy: put a pod in the top and press the first button

    Cappuccino: fill a hot cup ½ full with milk. microwave the milk for about 30 seconds. steam the milk with the white tube: place the tube just under the surface of the milk—do that until the milk foams to the top. place a pod in the machine and press the first button (“short”)

    Latte: fill a hot cup 2/3 full with milk. do the same thing as the cappuccino.

    Harbor BarEdit

    Take 2 chocolate chip cookies and place them on a paper plate bottoms up. Put a generous scoop of ice cream on one cookie. Sandwich the other cookie on top of the ice cream. Roll the edges in the jimmies of the customer’s choice.


    Place a piece of pizza on a paper plate and place in the microwave for two minutes, 15 seconds. Placing any more than one pizza in the microwave at a time will result in unevenly cooked pizzas and a longer cooking time.

    Hot Dog/Veggie DogEdit

    Place hot dog/veggie dog on a paper plate and in the microwave for 50 seconds. No toasting the rolls. Allow the customer to add his own condiments.


    Cut the bagel in half and place on rotating belt. Be sure the toaster is set to full heat before toasting. Toaster setting of 4 offers an even medium toast.


    Fill paper cup 2/3 full with soda. Place a generous scoop of ice cream on top of the ice cream. Resting the ice cream on the lip of the cup can keep the soda from overflowing too quickly. Serve with a straw and soda spoon.

    Rickie SyrupEdit

    Equal parts sugar and water. Fill a large plastic container half way with sugar from the bakery. Go to the urn and run hot water into the container until it appears to be full. Mix the contents and cover with plastic wrap. Label and date. Make in small quantities. A red top cambro makes enough for two pump containers of syrup. You don’t want it to sit around for too long because it will grow things.


    Small: fill 16 oz cold cup with desired beverage.

    Large: fill 21 oz cold cup with desired beverage.


    Small: Give customer 16 oz hot cup and direct him/her to the sideboard where he/she will find the self serve coffee.

    Large: Give customer 20 oz hot cup and direct him/her to the sideboard where he/she will find the self serve coffee. 2011: we had one size for coffee and we filled the cups up ourselves. The cream/milk/sugar/splenda was kept on the silver counter for conferees to fix their coffee however they like.

    Hot ChocolateEdit

    Put contents of hot chocolate packet into a 16 oz hot cup and fill with hot water provided by the air pot located in the snack bar.

    Conference Cheat SheetEdit

    My impressions from 2008 (love, Quinn) (Janis’ 2009 updates included) (Jehanne doesn’t really remember what each conference liked…basically everyone loves lime rickies and Swedish fish so don’t run out of limes/ginger ale/raspberry or strawberry syrup ever)

    Arts/YAC: Not huge snack bar goers. Yac drinks a lot of coffee in the mornings, you will get a lot of orders for “small rickies in large cups” at night.

    NHC/YRUU: Mouth orgasms, many frappes at 8:30 in the morning. Over order on oreo and black raspberry ice cream. Also lots of breakfast sandwiches, so make sure all that stuff is stocked in the mornings.

    All Star I: They will start a million tabs. Be prepared. It is as if it is a conference activity to go to the snack bar (2011—it was actually a conference activity to go to the snack bar: scheduled on the board and everything), and this week the weather starts getting hot, so stock up on ice cream. Do a big order the Thursday before so that you have lots of ice cream come in the Friday before they get there.

    All Star II: Still big but not as big as ASI, and they don’t do tabs.

    RE: There are kids, but they don’t seem to be as ravenous.

    IA: They have coffee at every break in their activities so they don’t buy as much from us. Lots of rickies, so make sure not to run out of raspberry puree or strawberry syrup.

    IRAS: LOTS of diet pepsi. Don’t run out. Oh wait, they’re not coming back.

    UCC: Order lots of ice cream ahead of time. They also did tabs. Have lots of ginger ale for this week.

    LOAS 1: Our two biggest shifts were during this conference. It’s like they all have homing devices centered on the snack bar. Be stocked with candy for this week.

    LOAS II: Same as LOAS I

    Pel Reunion: Is the only end-of-season conference that eats from the snack bar. They’re also the biggest complainers. You have to keep the snack bar stocked enough to satisfy them, but if you have any food left-over when they leave you’ll be throwing it out in October. But seriously, satisfy them or your FSM will be thrown under the bus for realz.